Sunday, June 28, 2015


In case you missed this post, check it out!  I can't believe it's only a few months away now!

I am so over-the-moon excited!!!  I would like to announce that registration has just opened for my event with Michelle Allen in Oaxaca, Mexico! We have both developed classes that will embrace the color and excitement of that beautiful city.  It was such a strange "coincidence" that the very night I agreed to teach in this city that I saw this commercial on a local channel.  I have never seen it since so I think it was an omen!

I will be instructing you in techniques that you can use to enhance your own work.  My teaching style is to help you find the characters from your own imagination, not just to copy my work.  It is always so amazing to me the variety of art that comes from a single class.  Every character is different and has the soul of the artist.  Below are a few of my pieces.

 Michelle is an amazing artist whose designs are reproduced and available in shops around the world.  She regularly travels to China to oversee the factories that produce her work and is a fountain of information and talent.  Below are examples of Michelle's work.

This event has been organized by Kathie Vezzani, my personal friend and a fantastic artist/event coordinator.  Kathie has an eye for detail and organization and has led many groups to this region (with many, many artists whose names you would recognize!).  Since she has been to Oaxaca so many times, she knows exactly what we should see and do:  the culture, the food, the art...the experience.

We will have days of art classes, cooking classes, visits to artisans and museums.  It is an opportunity to see a part of the world you might have never visited, learn some new things, and experience something amazing with other artists and friends.   Space is very limited and will fill quickly.  Click here for more information:  Painting in Color with Sunny and Michelle


J-Lin said...

What an opportunity for all involved! Sounds like a great place to find "a colorful muse".

Unknown said...

Congratulations Sunshine. It sounds exciting.
I thought I was an irregular blogger. I feel better
I hope you and your beautiful family are well. Xoxo

Unknown said...

I want to hide in your suit case! Folks you don't want to misa learning from my dear friend Sunny! You will come out of class with more sparkle and spin to your creative self than you ever thought possible! Xoxox

Unknown said...

I want to hide in your suit case! Folks you don't want to misa learning from my dear friend Sunny! You will come out of class with more sparkle and spin to your creative self than you ever thought possible! Xoxox

Classboat said...

Great creativity..All images are good.
Post more and more...

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