Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Blog Posting!

Here it first post. I know you've been waiting! *Giggle*! I wanted to start a blog to post about things related to art: techniques, cool artists, etc. I have been so impressed with the blogs I have seen from my friends (I will post links) and from Artful Blogging. There are some amazingly talented writers and artists out there. Even though I have been an artist most of my life, I feel as if I am just now beginning to know a little something about painting. I had an experience at a local Art Supply store recently. I got into a discussion with a woman who said she was an art teacher and asked to see my work. I had a handful of little paintings (ACEOs but handdrawn, handpainted, etc.) and she looked at them and said (dismissively), "Hm....whimsical" and then dropped my cards onto the counter! I was so crushed! I went home and contemplated the direction I wanted my art to go....I could study fine art and paint landscapes and florals and be accepted by the "fine art crowd" or I could just do my own thing. I chose the latter. I feel that there is room for everyone in art, no matter what you do. That doesn't mean that everyone will like everything you do...and that's okay but we should all consider the feelings of the artist and know that art is an expression of the soul. Don't damage someone's soul!!

My beautiful and talented daughter Taylor is a writer. She is currently writing a novel (she is 13!) and carries a journal. I made this journal bag for her.