Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend in Dollandia!

I spent the weekend with my beautiful daughter, Bailey at our family cabin in the woods.  We had a great time, just making music (her, not me) and making dolls (me, not her)!
 Notice Raspberry (to the right) overseeing the creation of her relatives!
These are not paperclay, they are kiln-fired, glazed ceramic.  I'll show the finished dolls as soon as they are complete.

I also spent some time working on tiny, original drawings that will become ink and watercolor originals for necklaces.  Each little drawing measures 1" x 2".  Some are monsters, some are pretty (creepy) girls plus an owl and a bird carrying a baby! when they are complete!

One final thing for today.  I told you all a while back that my daughter Bailey had made a video of her original song and my painting melded together.  I forgot to post the link!  Here it is:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday in Dollandia

This past Saturday, I felt in need of some immediate gratification.  I came from the world of labor intensive porcelain dolls.  It's just not possible to make one in one day!  I instead chose to use Paperclay.  I don't often make my figures out of Paperclay, chosing instead (these days) to use ceramic clay.  I was very happy with the feel of the clay, the blendability and of course, the drying time!

I wanted a non-perfect, almost Tim Burtonish face and a very poseable body.  I made her body from wood and the arms and legs are Paperclay over wooden dowels.  I hope you enjoy seeing her!