Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December and the Re-evaluation....

For many years December as an unrepresented artist (I am still unrepresented) meant turning out as many things as I possibly could to sell so that I could make as much money as possible to hold me over through the "lean months" (i.e. January/February).  Many times, I would be sitting, laughing with my husband and children but (literally) still making things on Christmas Eve for people to pick up on Christmas morning.  I vividly remember 2 years that I ruined my own Christmas experience with that pressure.  So as I drift quietly through this month, as I have for several years now, if you happen to notice my lack of productivity, you will now understand why.  For me, December is a time of reflection, of evaluating my path as an artist, of planning my next move on this giant chess board of life.

Thanksgiving brings about the gratefulness of family and friends, but December (without the pressure of making things for the holiday season) allows me to focus for a time on where my path will take me next year. I have many things on the horizon that I hope you will all enjoy along with me, but I will hold those things close to my heart and hopefully let them burst forth in the new year.

I am simply beyond grateful to this amazing year 2014.  I have so many friends, both old and new and so much support from family, as well.  I have this new studio that I truly feel unworthy of but as happy as a fat cat with it!  I thank God every day for trusting me with this opportunity for growth.  I hope I can continue to strive toward "something" (it changes every day for me!  LOL).

I just wanted to share this train of thought and encourage everyone to "Make Good Art" (as Neil Gaiman said...if you aren't familiar, here it is, it will change your life whether you are an artist or not.  I listen to it every time I need to refocus and think), laugh, relax, love people, and simply enjoy your life.  We only get one trip through this life, take the time to enjoy it.

I thank you all SO much for your support this past year.  I love you all so much, both the people I have gotten to know in person and the people whom I know very well via this amazing internet that allows people from all ends of the earth to connect!  Thank you all for reading this and for encouraging me and supporting me.  I might post it again before the end of the year in case some miss it.  See you in 2015!