Friday, January 18, 2013

Rod's Pennies of Wisdom, II

As you may know if you have read my blog over family LOVES to laugh!  My brother, Rod has a form of autism.  He does not see himself as disabled in any way.  He goes to work every day and leads a fantastic life!  He once told me about his "Pennies of Wisdom" in an earlier post and every time he says something truly funny, I think to myself, "these things are priceless"!!  I have two Pennies to share (and I am SO thankful!!).

Rod, tonight in talking about his church:  "I love my church.  It's just like my family, only they know me there!"  He's in his 40's....I think we know him!!  LOL

The second one:  We had snow here yesterday.  Since Rod doesn't do so well driving in unusual conditions, my dad took him to work.  On the way there Rod realized that he had forgotten his glasses.  Dad asked, "Do you have to have them to work?"...Rod's answer...."No, I'll get by.  I see fine on the weekends!"

Hahaaaaaa!  Laughing is THE best thing.  I know bad things happen, we have had plenty of those things over time with 4 children, but if you can find the humor in life, you are a blessed person.  I hope you can find something humorous in your own life and pass that humor on to others who may need it!

I am working on so many things currently.  Some secret, some ready to show you!  I found some small Italian metal frames, circa 1930.  I wanted to "recycle" them using my own art.  Even though Marcella looks sad, she will cheer right up when she finally gets to play with her dollies!

I so appreciate you all coming over to read the odd things that are in my head!  LOL