Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finding inspiration

I was over on FaceBook just now and a FB friend, Barbara Lane, said this: 

"I wish I had your talent of painting whimsy..mine always comes out tight, with no imagination.  I can copy to a tee, but imagination, none.  Great job with your paintings."

I hope she won't mind me using her quote.  Here's the thing:  I feel this way almost every day!  It's interesting being an artist.  We first have to realize...there is nothing new in this world!!!  It's really ALL been done.  I don't say this to be discouraging.  I say it to let you know that there is no pressure to do the "one thing that has never been done"!  If you are Michelangelo...go for it.  If you are just you....find the path that makes you happy and pursue that.

It IS necessary to find your own style.  That is usually done by first studying and copying the artists that you most admire and then by changing that to become your own style.  I hope to truly address this in an online class that I am planning.

I keep harping on this (!).....keep an idea journal.  Every stupid thing that pops into my head goes into my idea journal.  "Hey...look how long that guy's legs are!" (goes in the journal).  "Look at that crazy dog!" (goes in the journal).  "That girl looks so happy walking with her brother!"  (goes in the journal). Those things are the stuff of imagination.   Sometimes I draw a quick little idea and sometimes I literally write down a person's name so that I remember who it was that inspired me that day (so I can look them up again later).  I have learned to translate thoughts and ideas into my own style but that didn't happen overnight.  I had to work hard to find my own path.  I refuse to "copy" anyone...but occasionally I do find that the inspirations seep through....like Tim Burton!  I have had 2 people tell me that my doggies remind them of 'Frankenweinie".  That's okay.  I didn't copy him but he certainly does inspire me and as long as I didn't look at Tim's work to create my own, I am fine knowing my creatures come from my own imagination and I definately give credit to those who inspire me.

I hope this hasn't been just rambling....I only mean it to encourage you to keep pushing forward.  Everything you do builds on the last thing you did.

Here is a journal I just completed.  I will be teaching this technique at Art Is You in Petaluma, CA in September.

Thank you all for reading my humble little blog.  I truly appreciate you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Back from a Trip and New Paintings

Hello, my lovely friends!  Life has been a busy whirlwind for the last couple of months.  I just returned from a family trip to Universal Studios.  While there, I managed to complete a couple of new tiny paintings.

Plus a Pen and Ink drawing that I titled "Sweet Baby Steals the Sun From Colorado".

When I got back, I sculpted a few new pendants and faces for bracelets.  Those will be going into the kiln today for the first firing.

I haven't forgotten my plans to make videos for an online class.  I have made plans to video for a few days coming up.  I'll keep you posted!   Thanks for checking in!!!