Monday, October 15, 2012

What???!!! I haven't posted since August?!

I have been neglecting my blog!  I didn't realize it had been that long since I last posted.  I work everyday and sometimes forget to stop long enough to take care of the "other" things!

I taught at Art Is...You in Benecia and Petaluma, CA last month.  What a great, well organized, fun event it was!  The student work was fantastic and it was so amazing to meet in person a lot of people whom I talk to online daily!  Here are a few pictures of the student work from the various classes I taught:

Here's a much better picture of some of the dolls made during the class.  This is from the lovely and talented Diana Frey's Blog.

After I returned, I was notified that I was accepted to teach at the spring 2013 event Art Is...You in Nashville.  YAY!!!  I will finally be teaching in my own part of the country!  One of the classes will be a collaborative class with the phenominal  MaryBeth Shaw!  She is an amazing abstract artist with a style that is completely different than my own so it should be really fun to see how those two different sides of art come together.  I will post a link when the website is updated with the information.  I do know that the dates are April 2-7, 2013.  I will also be teaching at Random Arts in Saluda, North Carolina in early October, 2013.  More on that event soon, as well!

Here are a few new paintings completed in the past couple of weeks:

Plus new pendants and dolls:

Thank you all for checking in and I'll try to update more often.  No more neglecting!