Friday, June 27, 2008

Things never go as planned

What a week! Two of my beautiful daughters went opposite directions this week. Bailey went to the beach with a friend and Taylor went to camp. I had big plans! I was going to paint a painting every day while they were gone! Here's what actually happened: The first day, I cleaned house until noon. At noon, I thought, "great, that's done. Now, I will paint....but my stomach is very upset. Maybe I'll just lay down for a few minutes first." Next thing I knew, I was in my third day of struggling with a wicked virus...and it was already Wednesday! Thursday, I actually did paint a painting (the one above) and then today I went to work at the office....and now the week is over. Bailey got back a couple of hours ago and Taylor comes home tomorrow. Things just have a way of going off track, I guess. I'm just so thankful to have my girls coming home again so life can get back to normal.

I got my notification this week that I have been accepted to teach at Artfest 2009 in Port Townsend, WA. I am so excited!! This is an amazing event. I went last year. There you will meet supportive, amazing, friendly artists and take intensive classes. I came back so inspired that I painted 4 paintings in a month's time. I will post a link to Artfest as soon as their website is ready.

Off to spend time with my fabulous daughter....!

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