Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beautiful Dreams

Beautiful dreams are a gift from God. You can't predict when you will have one and you can't force your brain to give you one. I personally either don't dream very much or I just can't remember them so a really amazing one is rare.

I had one today. I took a Sunday afternoon nap and apparently went very deep into sleep...and I began to dream.....

I was standing with a group of friends and family on a deck overlooking a lake. The deck (and apparently the attached house) where literally built out into the water so that when I was looking out, the water came directly under the deck and I could look down into it. A friend and I were watching a school of perch swimming in circles (the water was very clear) and making patterns on the top of the water. I had just commented to my friend that I love to see things I have never seen before. Just then.....

A beautiful woman walked out into the water. She was a tall black woman with a large headdress and a giant plumb of peacock feathers trailing behind her. She walked with the gait of a bird out into the water. She was then joined by several others that looked just like her. They didn't speak to us or even acknowledge us, just seemed to be staying to themselves near the water's edge.

A little further down near the first group another beautiful woman and an equally beautiful man stepped into the water. They both had large black wings with a prominent red spot on them and long black tail feathers. Again, they waded out with their peculiar gait but didn't seem to notice us, they were joined by several others of their style.

This went on for a few more minutes, more groups showing up. Some were white, some red and some blue. Soon there were bird people scattered all down the shore.

My friends and I watched them as one would watch birds in nature. We didn't bother them or try to engage them. It was very peaceful.

Finally they all began to drift apart until they all stood facing away from us each about ten feet from the next and about 3 deep out into the water. They began to take off into the sky one by one in a shower of glitter and light. As the last one left the water I ran through the house and down a front pier onto the front yard with a camera. I lay down on my back on the grass and looked into the sky. I could see huge shadows depicing entire scenes, flying trapeze girls, horse drawn chariots, a complete cirque de soliel in shadow on the sky. I took several pictures.

I walked back into the house and out onto the deck where my friends and I began to marvel at what we had seen. I flicked the view button on my camera.....and all the pictures were blank.....

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Pearl said...

Hey...Look who I found. I'm glad you've set up a blog. I've been ignoring mine but I've been posting more lately.

Love the dream. I want to see you capture that in your art.