Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fabric Bags and A Needle Case

A little while back I was playing around with some freehand stitch drawing.

At first, I thought about making them into cuffs but I just wasn't feeling inspired to get them completed.  Yesterday, I had the urge to dye some felt fabric and as soon as I steamed it to set the color, I suddenly knew that I wanted to combine the lovely felt with the freehand stitching.  I badly needed a needle book.  I've been using a tiny piece of felt to hold my needles forever!  I also used a couple of my handmade ceramic charms.  The old wedding ring quilt piece was was of my best finds ever, found on Ebay.  It was in perfect condition, with gorgeous hand quilting and lovely colors and construction....except for a large chunk someone had cut out, presumably to make pillows or something.  I couldn't believe someone had CUT this gorgeous link to the past.  If I had to guess, it's circa 30's or 40's.  But, on the other hand, I could NEVER have cut it myself so, since it was already cut, I purchased it for $45.  I thought that was a steal!!!  I have the whole quilt except for the cut-out chunk and the few pieces I have used!  Here's the needle book:
The pages inside the needle book are the felt that I dyed yesterday, the sky blue and peach pages.  Next up, I made several little bags, also using the felt and handstiched little characters.  My felt is in the center background of each bag.

Here are the backs:

I still have so much to do getting ready for Nashville!!  Dolls to finish, wood to cut, but things are coming together as they always do right at the end!  I am almost ready on pendants.  I will post them individually after I get all the pictures done but here is the group going to Nashville:
I put 3 on Ebay.  Click HERE to go to see them.  They are the only ones that will be available until I get back in April.
Thank you guys for reading my posts and always being the fantastic, supportive group that you are!  I love you all!