Thursday, June 25, 2009

SuziBlu and My Busy Week

I've worked hard all week. I finished one painting, one more is nearly finished and the background is all ready for a third. I also took Taylor to camp, had lunch with a friend, did some shopping with Bailey, made reservations to go to the beach and went to the dentist! Wow...I didn't realize how busy I have been!

I am currently taking the SuziBlu Petit Dolls class online. I so love her work and even though I already draw and paint, I felt that I could learn from seeing her methods and techniques. It's been really good so far, very detailed. There are 21 videos. I've only watched 2 so far and it's already been an hour and a half! She has put a lot of effort into this! Check her out at .


Anonymous said...

SuziBlu really does know her stuff and is a fun, quirky gal for sure -- keeps things fun and interesting! Can't wait to see what you create from the class.


Sunny Carvalho said...

She is great. The class is already worth the money. I'm interested to see how she does her wax.

Do you still have your brown Cons that I ruined?! I would love to work on them some more if you would send them to me.

Anonymous said...

Love my Cons -- almost to death (heh-heh)!